Illinois Legal Aid Online

Money & Debt

Citation to discover assets to debtor

A program to create forms to help you collect on a money judgment.

Collect a judgment from debtor’s bank or employer

A program to create forms to help you collect on a money judgment from a bank or an employer.

Business & Work

Protecting your rights as a worker with a disability

Steps to document unfair treatment at work from writing down interactions to requesting a copy of your personal file.

Protecting workers with disabilities

Workers with disabilities cannot be discriminated against for their disabilities.

Court & Hearings

How to get copies of your court records

Explains how to look up information on court cases at the courthouse and online.

Submitting a state FOIA request

Steps to submit a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request to a state agency and appealing the request, if necessary.

Where should I file my lawsuit?

This article goes over some general guidelines for where to file a lawsuit. However, this decision can be complex and filing in the wrong court could be costly and time consuming. Talk to a lawyer first about where to file your case.

Serving a summons

Information about what a summons is and how to serve someone in a civil case.


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