Fabulous Features of the Cloud Library

If you enjoy eBooks and eAudiobooks, chances are you probably already make use of the library’s 3M Cloud Library collection.  But did you know you can suggest items for our library to buy?  Just use Cloud Library Filters.  Want to keep track of books you’d like to read in the future, but don’t want to put them on hold yet?  Tap on the flag icon in the item’s information to add it to your Books of Interest tab on the My Books page.

We’ve got lots of hints and tips like this for eBook readers.  If you’re new to eBooks or would like more information, just stop in or call us at 523-4820.  We’ll be glad to get you started.  You simply need to install the 3M Cloud app that’s appropriate for your device(s) – you can install it on up to 5 devices!,  then find eBooks or eAudios by using the app or by browsing the library catalog on this page.   Stop paying for eBooks and make those hard earned tax dollars work for you.


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